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the return of clara // new year's whatnot

I'm back (vaguely). things RL are mostly good but they're busy, so I haven't been on LJ or ao3 or even tumblr all that much recently. just that tiny update to introduce my 2018 goal tracking post. (feel free to comment; I'm mostly making this post for myself though, haha)

2018 goals:

-write & post at least 1 piece of writing to ao3 every month

-respond to unanswered comments on ao3

-finish the it's our resistance // you can't resist us series

-finish my got s1-7 historamedy365 claim (before april 25 (?))

-complete my got historamedy365 drabbles fanfic tropes claim

-declutter my apartment (a great feat, tbh)

-pass the classes that I take (inc. math 131+132)

-continue with my newly-begun weight watchers journey 

(inc. attending my meeting every week I'm at home)

-read the bible (inc. youversion's 21-day february challenge)

-get to (and remain at) an even 0$ balance on my credit card

-personally knit or crochet at least 1 christmas present

february goals:

-get 5k+ steps as many days as possible

-get 1k+ steps every day

-knit at least one row a day

-read the bible every day

-femslash february


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