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Prompt me! (slash give ideas, etc)

OKAY FRIENDS (and me)!!!!!!!

I've been behind on my NaNo word count every day so far. According to the lovely graph provided by the NaNo site, I will need (in order to reach 50k by the end of the month) to write at least 1890 words a day from now on.

SO. I'm aiming for 4k between today and Monday. (my dad and I are going to lunch and the movie about Malala, and we always have family dinner Sunday nights, so I don't know how much writing time I'll have. Eek.)

(I've got this post/challenge from gameofcards / card_writing to look at as well. but...yeah.)

I have my winterknights fest thing (and, note to self: we can do more than one entry) which will obviously be Morgwen with a side of Merthur (the prompt I picked was 'the two of them celebrating different holidays and figuring out how to celebrate together' but it's okay to use any that are here)

I have a holiday gift for a fellow Cartinelli fan which is about them being trapped inside on a snowy day. so if you have a plot bunny on that, I'd love it (except they asked for fluff and no smut...so my usual direction would be a no-go.)

also need story ideas for every day of maria hill week other than wednesday and sunday - and then the rest of ziva week I caught the first day but I missed yesterday oops

and then my h/c bingo card...and stony bingo...and teen wolf femslash bingo...why am I a terrible person who commits and can't commit woops

I have to do my superhero au for silas festival. never mind apparently that was cancelled...well if people want me to do that i will.

I just...need more concrete ideas, and inspiration. Like I'm even back to using my writing blog but my brain is just like...what are we doing?

I'm gonna stop listing stuff now because this is stressful and I need to sleep. (and yes, yes I know my mental health/general wellbeing are more important than reaching a word count BUT I WANT TO DO THE THING I NEED TO PROVE TO MYSELF I CAN DO THE THING also my french homework i also need to do that)

(side note: i'm also looking for a new, still fandom related but christmasy/wintery tumblr url so i'm taking suggestions for that too)


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Nov. 10th, 2015 01:51 am (UTC)
And now it's my turn to squeal: THERE'S A ZIVA WEEK?!?

(Except that I'm too busy to be able to do anything for it. GRARGH. I was even thinking that I should get my NCIS early season episodes together and do some gifsets for Ziva. Because, ZIVA.)
Nov. 10th, 2015 02:06 am (UTC)
Fabulous, and yes, there is. I've failed miserably at keeping up with it, oops.
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