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schedule etc [week of oct 19]

going well: admitted I couldn't handle LIT class

unwell: being sick obvs
sleep schedule with a mind of its own - but still trying to be in bed before one even though I then have trouble getting to and/or staying asleep
letting stress escalate to the point where I dropped the ball on class

general to-dos:
-gonna set alarm for 930am daily
-looking through au sga job opportunity listings - pick at least one babysitting job
-fill out application for humane society (15$ fee required)
-fan_flashworks challenge #134 ends tuesday 20
-blindspot icons due for battle sunday 25
-clothes shopping (?)
-decide on halloween costume
-think about next semester

sunday aka today
-this schedule lol
-french hw (2 activities left)
-dishes (door left open for cooling)

monday 19
-ross center meeting @1pm (1245pm - bring papers): 5225 wisconsin ave #400
-blindspot on nbc @ 10pm
-will need to refill med box
-heating ppl will be here - Sarah will wake if not up by ten

tuesday 20
-grocery shopping (?)
-go to school (m. language center?) to study for exam
-french midterm @ 810pm | ecriture #3 due

wednesday 21 aka new book day and BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY
-both 1872 and black canary will have new issues :D
-ross center meeting @12n: 5225 wisconsin ave #400
-back to the future day party (@fantom) @ 6pm (costumes and 5$ cover involved)
-arrow on the cw @ 9pm
*a) turn tv off before supernatural or b) get caught up on svu and watch that @ 10 instead*

thursday 22
-allison @ 1145am
-claire via video call @3pm
-french class @ 810pm

friday 23
-claire @ 230pm - will be working on resume & looking through job opps on student government site
-parents leaving at 3pm

saturday 24
-doctor who @ 9pm

sunday 25
-who knows what else yet

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