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ladiesmeme (for tumblr graphics)

help me decide on ladies to do for this tv/film ladies meme, friends :D

[1] female centric film
legally blonde

[2] female centric tv shows
orphan black
unbreakable kimmy schmidt (?)

[3] ladies of color
iris west (dc)
lanie parish (castle)
raven reyes (the 100)

[3] under-appreciated ladies
cho chang (harry potter)
molly hooper (sherlock)
sharon carter (marvel)

[3] ladies of dc/marvel* [6]
felicity smoak (dc)
laurel lance (dc)
harley quinn (dc)

hope van dyne (marvel)
kamala khan (marvel)
skye/daisy johnson (marvel)

[3] non-human ladies
kira yukimura (teen wolf)
madame vastra (doctor who)
ruby (supernatural)

[3] magical ladies
luna lovegood (harry potter)
lady sif (marvel)
willow rosenberg (btvs)

[3] actress bffs

[4] lady rulers
abaddon (supernatural)
guinevere pendragon (bbc merlin)
margaery tyrell (game of thrones)
mary queen of scots (reign)

[4] lady villains
missy (doctor who)
dottie underwood (agent carter)
nyssa al ghul (dc)

[4] lady heroes
nikita mears (nikita)
peggy carter (marvel)
leia organa (star wars)

[5] ladies of drama
jane doe/taylor shaw (blindspot)
olivia pope (scandal) (?)

[5] ladies of sci-fi
clara oswald (doctor who)
river tam (firefly)
dana scully (the x files)
padme amidala (star wars)

[5] ladies of comedy
rosa diaz (b99)
april ludgate (parks and rec)

[5] maternal ladies
melinda may (marvel)
melissa mccall (teen wolf)
regina mills (once upon a time)
siobhan sadler (orphan black)

[5] queer ladies
angela montenegro (bones)
charlie bradbury (supernatural)
clarke griffin (the 100)
cosima niehaus (orphan black)
sophia burset (orange is the new black)

[6] lady friendships
alex + nikita (nikita)
angie + peggy (agent carter)
blair + serena (gossip girl)
clone club (orphan black) | alison, cosima, sarah
flaca + maritza (orange is the new black)
natasha + pepper (marvel)

[6] lady romances
arizona/callie (grey's anatomy)
ashley/spencer (south of nowhere)
cara/kahlan (legend of the seeker)
cosima/delphine (orphan black)
emily/maya (pretty little liars)
nyssa/sara (dc)

[7] actresses
hayley atwell
jenna coleman
kristen stewart
tatiana maslany

[8] lady doctors (ladies with doctorates)
dr. christina yang (grey's anatomy)
dr. jane foster (marvel)
dr. martha jones (doctor who)
dr. maura isles (rizzoli and isles)
dr. temperance brennan (bones)

[8] lady cops (inc. feds)
det. abby mills (sleepy hollow)
det. amy santiago (b99)
agent gwen cooper (torchwood)
jane rizzoli (rizzoli and isles)
jessica jones (marvel)
det. kate beckett (castle)
sergeant olivia benson (law and order svu)
special agent ziva david (ncis)


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