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Originally posted by clarahow at ON THE AGENDA: THE FRANKENFEMSLASH FEST!
Being a new community, femslashagenda hasn't done much of anything yet. But in the tradition of other communities and in the spirit of the impending holiday amazingness that is Halloween, I'm going to throw us a party. I'm counting on you, femslashers, to bring the chips and salsa!

WHAT is the FrankenFemslash Fest?

-this is a multifandom, low-stress event focusing on f/f and lbtq+ narratives and themes
-with added spookiness

WHAT must one do to participate in the FrankenFemslash Fest?

-each participant will create some fanwork for one or more fandoms
-this work must be a minimum of either 1,000 words or some rough equivalent in another medium
-this work must focus on either a relationship of a romantic or sexual nature (implied or explicit) between two or more female-identifying characters
-and it must be Halloween-related (preferably, but not necessarily related to the holiday, especially if you don't celebrate, but it must be related to something, well, spooky!)

WHAT can one do for the Fest?

-all supernatural subjects are welcome as long as they are included in the piece. (ie, a college!au of two characters who are canonically magical creatures that doesn't mention or barely mentions their supernatural natures is not suitable, even if they are still their supernatural selves in the work.) if you need clarification on whether an idea is suitable, just ask.
-all fandoms are permitted, and all ratings are permitted, provided proper warnings are ascribed to all work.
-I won't require fanfiction to have been beta read, but I will highly recommend it.

WHEN is this taking place? WHAT do you mean in the above schedule?

So today, as you can see from this post, this whole shebang opens up. Sign up in the comments here!

Tomorrow, I'll put up another post, asking for prompts. This is just for brainstorming - this will not be an anonymous fest, just some low-stress, spooky fun. No one is required to leave or take a prompt in order to participate, but if you have an idea for something you'd like to see someone do, please do feel free to put it forward.

In late September or early October I'll put up a post for checking in. Of course you should check in with me sooner if something comes up that you think is relevant or that will affect your participation, but I'll ask that everyone who plans to participate say something about how they're doing with their work, if they think they need/want help, etc. by midnight on the 3rd. If you don't tell me anything, I'll turn you into a pumpkin and that'll be that. Just kidding!

I'll put another check-in post up later in the month to see how things are going then, as Halloween creeps closer, and you should comment on that one by midnight on the 26th.

Somewhere between those posts I'll put up submission guidelines, but the gist of them will be that your work should be posted (or sent to me) by midnight on the 29th.

On the 30th there will be a post for a "spookathon", which will run from its posting for (roughly) 24 hours. This will function like most comment promptathons, but it (obviously) is Halloween-themed, and all works will be permitted as opposed to only fanfiction.

(The spookathon can be participated in separately from the Fest - you do not need to participate in either to participate in the other.)

After that I'll post a masterpost with links and descriptions of all our work, and we can sit back and eat candy corn and enjoy our femslash.

If that sounds as fun as the Monster Mash to you, please join in!!!

Please become a member of femslashagenda, and comment below with: your favorite Halloween candy, what medium you think you'll use, and which fandoms/pairings/characters you're most likely to use.

And then - spread the word!


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