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Originally posted by skieswideopen at CHALLENGE #29: A Conventional Approach
CHALLENGE #29: A Conventional Approach

Description Write one or more fics using one or more of the following tropes:

1. Amnesia
2. Apocalypse
3. Body Swap
4. Deal with the Devil (Note: this doesn't have to be the literal devil! Or anything supernatural.)
5. Forced Proximity (e.g., locked in a room, chained together, snowed in, etc.)
6. Road Trip
7. Time Travel
8. Truth Serum/In Vino Veritas
9. Undercover as a Couple
10. Wingfic

Both traditional and creative interpretations of the tropes are welcome.

You can write any number of fics, and you can use the tropes however you want: one drabble for each trope, multiple tropes in one story, half-a-dozen variations on the same trope, or one story focused on one trope. Whatever other combination you can come up with.

If you write multiple fics, please include your total word count at the top or bottom of your post.

Points 5 points for every 50 words, up to 1000 words (100 points). You can write more than that, but you won't receive additional points.
Due Date Sunday, May 24th, midnight EDT
Submitting Submit your fic(s) this post using the following header:

If you have any questions, please ask in the questions thread below.


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