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to whom it may concern

sorry about anything I haven't been able to get done recently.

I know I've dropped out of a couple fests I didn't expect to have to, and I don't know who I've emailed and who I haven't or anything. Times have been really hectic, and the semester started yesterday, so things aren't exactly slowing down.

I should be able to handle most of the things, esp. more short term that I've already signed up for, but yeah, if anyone is wondering why I may not be so active in times to come or why I don't respond to a message or something, I'm probably in class or doing homework or attending to something medical or family related.

*last edit: 9.3 1:30pm*

things I am doing (not including fests and tables)


signed up for:

inspired20in20 round 50 (inspiration post | post | claim: general/n.a. (no claims) | deadline: 9.20 midnight)

spn20in20 round 12 ( table | claim: adrianne, felicia, & genevieve | deadline: 9.27)

cardwars september battle (post) (ends 9.18)

comics_ic #81: close crop + negative space ( post | due 9.20 9pm GMT+2)

not yet signed up for:

femslashbb september challenge (theme: history | undecided | deadline: 9.30)

sign up not required:

hogwarts365 prompt #104 (due 9.12) ("Celebrity is as celebrity does." —Gilderoy Lockhart, The Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament, House of Black | must be 365 words)

cap_im tiny reverse bang (current: round 11 - kree | deadline: 9.12)

open rounds with finished claims:

btvsats20in20 round 12 (table | claim: buffy/faith | ends: 9.15)

hbic20in20 round 50 ( table | claim: general/n.a. (any females) | ends: 9.12 midnight)

character20in20 round 73 (table | claim: allison blake | deadline: 9.20 midnight)


comicdrabbles: #132: paper cut (Wednesday)


cards_wild: #42: 6-10 (due 9.12)
Complete fanworks for the prompt: 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10
You can choose things that are inspired by the numbers; seasons, doctors, cylons etc or for this challenge you can make sets of things (eg one thing x 8, one thing x 10)

#53: King & Queen (due 9.20)
Complete fanworks for the prompt: King and Queen. Obviously this is pretty open because you can pick actual kings or queens, or the kings and queens of your heart - All Ladies or All Men or whatever you like :)

#46: Stake Your Claim (by 9.16)

#48: Narrowed Focus (due 9.16)
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