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300-work celebration (giveaway!)

Tumblr Post with basically the same information but with more links and with Tumblr-specific info (please reblog if you have Tumblr!)

In celebration of posting my 300th work on ao3 (and other things, including my birthday!), I'm not only kicking off some things I've been planning for a little while, but I'm going to have a giveaway.


Rules for Livejournal Participants:

-Must comment on this post and say that you want to enter

-Recipients will be chosen in the beginning of October via random.org.

PLEASE fill out this survey (it’s not required to enter but I will be eternally grateful.)

Other ways to earn entries are on the Tumblr post.

Being a friend/follower/subscriber on ao3 or lj: clarahow on lj | femslashagenda community on lj | claras_tables on lj | charleybradburies on ao3

Commenting thoughtfully on works of mine on ao3 or LJ (if you've already commented on a work, you should only comment again if you're replying to my response and/or elaborating)


All recipients will be able to compose a request from the list of my ships (which is ever-expanding, and if your OTP isn’t on there and you wish to ask for something else I may well consider it, but the ships on this list are ships I’m 98% guaranteed to write), and will be given a list of prompts from which they may choose, or may give their own prompt or plot. If a significantly greater number of people reblog this post then I’ll consider expanding the number of recipients.

15 people: 100-250 words
10 people: 250-500 words
5 people: 500-1000 words
3 people: 1000+ words
1 person: 2000+ words

More info, events, and surprises to come. Hoping for another year even better than the last, and a great time with my next three hundred works!


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