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be_compromised promptathon

FRIDAY 14th AUGUST: wait for it, wait for it, look out for the announcement and the masterlist/fills post… FILLS OPEN
WEDNESDAY 19th AUGUST: Prompts close (yes, prompts and fills will overlap for a bit)
SUNDAY 6th SEPTEMBER: Promptathon ends

Natasha is the Widow, Clint is a Widower.

*jumps* me! me! me! I wanna do it!

My (current) parents aka my father and my stepmother met in a loss and healing group after both having lost their first spouses and omg it could be like, a whole mishmash situation...Natasha after losing Alexi, Clint after losing Bobbi or Laura...I'm not the biggest fan of fics where Pietro is indeed dead, but Wanda could have found the group helpful and then insists that her coworker come with her...

BUT would it be a Mr and Mrs Smith situation, where they're all spies/heroes, or a more mundane career au?

“Always good with thinking on his feet… not so much with the landing on them.”

Natasha's not really sure she wants to just completely stop writing Captain America fanfic now that the guy's come back to life. Clint is an annoying enabler that enables.

Natasha is not Clint's stray and Fury and Coulson and Hill can all take their opinion and stuff it. (She's totally Clint's stray.)

When Natasha first followed Clint back to SHIELD like a stray alley cat, spitting at anyone who dared to stroke her except her chosen adoptee, everyone expected her to be a little at sea.

Natasha celebrates Women's Day not Valentine's Day. She expects flowers.

She walks through your heart like she's walking through a minefield.

Clint teaches Natasha to shoot his bow

Space AU where Clint salvages a ship called the Black Widow that went down in battle. It turns out to have a working AI, which is still highly pissed off.

Kate is Cupid (not that she tells anyone that, duh) and she decides to help along her poor friend Clint because seriously, he is absolutely gone on Natasha and needs to do something about it

Leverage Crossover - I keep thinking she'd be the most amazing grifter and he'd be a great thief and with Parker as the new mastermind, wouldn't the team need a new one of both? And if they were in an alternate universe where they discovered SHIELD's link to HYDRA, wouldn't they be looking for new employment?

Clint loses his memory in severe head trauma on a mission, and Natasha's there with him through everything. He thinks they're married.

Five times poor Kate Bishop walked in on Clint and Natasha.

"we were both drunk when you proposed to me and i accidentally posted about it across social media so now we’re hungover and trying to figure out this mess because we’re not even dating" (Au or not, Laura or not it's up to you)

Clint/Natasha miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight be Laura's fault.
A little bit.
(and she is NOT the least bit sorry about that... ;) )
(note: I was envisioning that prompt in a Clint/Laura married 'verse, by the by.)


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