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all challenges open (focus on most recent ten)
#1: awakening | #4: secrets | #6: mirror | #77: control | #96: gift | #155: expectations | #169: lover | #179: question | #209: perspective | #218: fantasy | #353: disguise | #373: twist | #424: proposal | #459: match | #460: remainder | #461: squirm | #462: hello | #463: street | #464: hunger | #465: rhythm | #466: dead | #467: candy | #468: elation | #469: running | #470: remainder

*this list isn't done and posted to femslash100 yet, but I did tag the prompters so they can see even before I put it up if they want*

#469: Running + Drabble Tag #6 (#65)
Twilight: Esme/Rosalie: Sweet Child of Mine by femme_slash_fan
T | 111w

[Sweet Things]Rosalie doesn't remember having cuddled with her human parents, nor can she decide whether it makes a difference to do so now, but she does know that needs this, needs Esme's loving touch.

"Will it ever end? The running, the fighting?" she murmurs, the enquiry barely steam against Esme's neck as Rosalie nestles into her side. Esme sighs.

"Oh, my sweet girl, I couldn't tell you. I really couldn't."

There's not much to say to that, so Rosalie settles for curling herself tighter around Esme's figure; one of Esme's hands gently strokes her blonde hair, and Esme presses a soft kiss to her forehead.

"But we will fight until it does."

#468: Elation + Drabble Tag #6 (#66)
Twilight: Bella/Esme: Mommy/Daughter Kink by femme_slash_fan
E | 150w

[Never Properly a Daughter]Esme moans, and Bella revels in it, smiling as she continues swirling her tongue against Esme's clit, her hair cascading over Esme's thigh and down towards the sheets when she cocks her head to the right.

As long as it had taken her to figure out and to accept what she wanted, as long as it had taken her to get the hang of things, of pleasing women, pleasing Esme, pleasing herself...

"Oh, baby, just like that...oh, you're so good, such a good girl for Mommy..."

"Mm-hmm," Bella whimpers concurrence before sliding a second finger inside of Esme, and kisses her inner thigh. She curls her other arm around it and holds Esme tighter, pressing Esme's cunt into her face and sucking on her clit like it was candy, a cliche comparison she's made far too many times already.

"Anything for you, Mommy," she says, and starts fucking her faster.

#1: Awakening + Drabble Tag #6 (#67)
Carmilla: Carmilla/Danny: "We can be monsters together" by write_x_always
M | 222w

[Sometimes Bitches Do Each Other]Danny's growl when Carmilla approaches her after the fight is low and guttural, and Carmilla's not sure what to do with it, but she braces herself anyway.

"Knew I wasn't the only bitch around here," she deadpans, knowing that Danny won't go peacefully whatever tone she uses (she may as well sound like a bitch, too.)

"Well, Drusilla, I've got a whole pack," Danny sneers, moving her hands to her hips. "I take it you've finally figured out that you can't beat us."

"I'm not trying to beat you, Fluffy. Just noticed you were out for blood, and thought - "

"Thought what? You could mooch? Sorry, honey, there's a little more flesh involved in the way us Summer Society girls do things."

"Oh, do tell," Carmilla says, inching closer. "Come on, Red. I can keep up. We can be monsters together."

"What makes you think I want to do anything together?" Danny scoffs, but her attempt at emphasizing her height by looking down at Carmilla only moves her even closer, and Carmilla's not so short - not short like Laura - that she can't still meet Danny's eyes.

"Haven't exactly run off yet, sweetheart."

Danny scrunches her nose up like a growling dog - which she is, so the way her upper lip curls makes sense.

"Don't call me sweetheart."

#6: Mirror + Drabble Tag #6 (#68)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Drusilla/Faith: Lipstick by killing_kurare
M | 150w

[Plenty of Shade]"Oh, aren't you so cute, wearing my shade," Drusilla coos, failing to catch Faith off guard when she 'sneaks' up behind her at the mirror in the middle of her beauty routine; she puts her head on Faith's shoulder, arms snaking around her scantily-clad figure, and Faith smiles.

"How do you know you aren't wearing mine?" Faith taunts, turning her head towards Drusilla's with a wink.

"Do you have any idea how much older than you I am?"

"Not a clue, Dru, and I actually don't give a fuck," Faith grins devilishly before applying mascara and then turning around to face Dru, bending back against the armoire below the mirror.

"Oh, you give plenty of fucks," Dru says, reaching up Faith's chest to her neck and gripping tightly as she presses her body against the slayer's, her other hand unceremoniously running down Faith's front past and then underneath her miniskirt.

#189: Watch + Drabble Tag #6 (#69)
Doctor Who: Amy/Clara: Kinda Trampy by femme_slash_fan
E | 150w

[The Undressing Room at Debenhams]Clara pulls the skirt's zipper closed and looks up into the mirror of the dressing room. Behind her, Amy's turned up her nose at her outfit.


"I'm starting to think you don't like me in skirts."

"Oi, Clara. I like you in skirts just fine. The ones here just seem kinda...trampy."

"Kinda trampy? Did you just call me kinda trampy?"

"Not you, for fuck's sake! The skirt!"

Clara starts to sigh, but her curiosity stops her.

"Well, if you really hate it you could just take it off."

Amy smirks, moving so she's pressed up against Clara's back, her chin sitting upon Clara's shoulder and shimmering lips coming to her ear.

"Now that, Clara, sounded kinda trampy."

She unzips the skirt slowly, taking the opportunity to get her hands all over Clara's arse and inside her panties.

Clara, too, smirks, watching in the mirror while Amy discreetly fucks her.

#465: Rhythm + Drabble Tag #6 (#70)
Glee: Quinn/Rachel: Flirt by femme_slash_fan
T | 123w

[Discourse on Method]She may have told Quinn that it'd help her with her solo to pick a face out of the audience and sing to them, but picking her had been entirely unacceptable.

Unfortunately, the song stays stuck in Rachel's head for the whole damned day.

In fact, Rachel's still tapping the beat when she's waiting anxiously by the handicapped bathroom to confront Quinn, who strides over with a smile as soon as she notices Rachel - cheer uniform as form-fitting as always - and is surprised when she's pulled inside the bathroom.

Rachel locks the door.

"What the hell did you think you were doing, Quinn?"

Quinn smirks.

"Haven't you ever heard of flirting?" she says, without having to think on it, and Rachel's chest tightens.

#179: Question + Drabble Tag #6 (#71)
Pretty Little Liars: Emily/Hanna: Mascara by vitiate_me
T | 123w

[Magic Wand]"Are you sure you remember how Alison taught you?" Hanna asks gently, touching the wand to Emily's eyelashes.

"I thought so," Emily groans, her eyes flickering open as Hanna strokes the glittery mascara onto her lashes. "But I just don't seem to be getting it right. At least, not with anything fancier than the basics."

Hanna shrugs, closing the mascara but staying where she is against Emily's dresser. She's not entirely sure there's anything there, but she reaches out and wipes a bit of misplaced make-up off one of Emily's eyelids.

"What are girlfriends for, right?" she smiles stiffly, realizing her silly mistake a moment too late, but Emily seems not to notice at all.

"Knew I was keeping you around for something."

#4: Secrets + Drabble Tag #6 (#72)
Kingsman: Gazelle/Roxy: Chase by elasticella
E | 222w

[In Danger Now | Remember Me]She's called Gazelle because she's in total control of her legs. Know what you're in control of, because it's sure as Hell not her.

"Going somewhere?" the woman groans, sultry and sugary, as Roxy slips out of bed.

"Well, if I told you, where'd the fun be in that?" Roxy replies, leaning back over the bed and kissing her, her nipples hardening again as they rub against the sheets.

"Oh, you're one of those girls, are you? Like to make a woman chase you."

"I already fucked you, honey. I can leave for good whenever I want," Roxy murmurs against Gazelle's lips, and the challenge is taken up even sooner than she'd known it would be.

"Or you can come back for another round later, and let me at least get a surname," Gazelle wraps her forearm around Roxy's neck, pulling her downwards to continue kissing her.

"Well, I'll come back for this yummy pussy of yours," Roxy moans, running her hand down Gazelle's bare brown skin until she reaches her vulva, dipping her fingers momentarily into her wetness and rubbing her clit, eliciting a series of glorious whimpers before she pulls her hand away.

The woman whines, and then Roxy pulls away from their kiss, slipping her fingers into her mouth and sucking on them.

"But no guarantees on anything else."

#209: Perspective + Drabble Tag #6 (#73)
MCU: Natasha/Wanda: Public Affection by swan_secrets
T | 250w

[Hands-On Superhero Education]Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable.

Wanda remembers the words too well, remembers Natasha talking about picking out a World War 2 Veteran baseball cap specifically for Steve to wear, about kissing him on an escalator, about tricking Stark into showing her how his suit worked...

They're next to each other now, and as always Wanda feels the need for hesitation before doing anything other than following Natasha's orders.

Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable.

She and Pietro rapturously embracing upon their reunion had made people uncomfortable. Natasha kissing Steve had made people uncomfortable.

Steve kissing Sam had people even more uncomfortable, and that hadn't had anything to do with a mission.

Wanda's not unfamiliar with others being uncomfortable around her, but as an Avenger, she's learning to avoid it. To save drama, flair, witchery for battle. She knows some people would designate her affections along the lines of madness, so she silences them as well.

Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable.

When they've breathlessly finished with another foe, and find each other's arms, Natasha pulls her close and kisses her for the first time, and uncomfortable is most certainly not a word Wanda'd use to describe anything she's feeling, and perhaps, she thinks, it wouldn't matter if anyone else would.

Steve's the one who finds them, though, resigning himself to a pursed-lip silence until Natasha realizes he's there.

"Got something to say, Grandpa?" she says tauntingly, and he shrugs.

"Sam found a shawarma place. Wanna come?"

#218: Fantasy + Drabble Cycle: Kinks: Table 30A #22: Roleplay
+ Drabble Tag #6 (#74)
Doctor Who: Missy/River: Naughty Girls by femme_slash_fan
M | 100w

[(Not) the Doctor]"My, my, my," Missy muses, tracing down River's cheek and jaw with the tip of a finger. "We've really done it now."

"Haven't actually done it yet, dearie," River replies, "but God, isn't it so naughty of us to even be thinking about doing it to begin with?"

Missy captures her lips in a kiss, barely giving any other response except to tighten her hold on River's hips.

"Oh, Doctor, you have no idea how naughty this is going to get," Missy moans against River's mouth, hands moving to get a firm grip on her arse.

"Is that so, Mistress?"

#155: Expectations + Drabble Tag #6 (#75)
Agent Carter: Dottie/Peggy: Bound and Safe by 4kennedy
M | 222w

[The Upper Hand]Peggy watches Dottie with unexpected interest as she struggles in her ropes, trying - in vain, which she's obviously not expected - to loosen their hold on her.

The chair she's tied to doesn't even move, nor do any of her restraints, and Peggy knows they won't. She and Daniel had made the knots themselves; he was the only agent she truly trusted to be consistently competent, and she doesn't doubt the sufficiency of their binding.

Having not wanted to actually choke her, however, the gag in Dottie's mouth is still loose enough for her to make some noise, and eventually Peggy's curiosity gets the better of her.

"Well? Spit it out."

"This isn't a fight you can win, Agent Carter."

"Is that so, Miss Underwood?"

"I have more extensive training than any of you at the SSR," Dottie declares; then, for good measure: "and I'll have you know I'm far less easy to seduce than your colleagues."

Peggy chuckles, leaning forward to be at Dottie's eye level rather than looking down at her.

"You know, the way I remember it, you kissed me," she says, her words hot breath immediately in front of Dottie's face.

"You're not a danger to me, Dottie," she moans, waiting for Dottie's breath to hitch then moving away again.

Dottie grits her teeth, and Peggy grins.

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