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people like my things

yes I'm doing a lot of challenges n shit but a lot of people have made requests and stuff so I'm going to try and keep them in one place so I remember I have these too. These aren't like, all the comments, just the ones that reference wanting more.

okay, I got to page 11 of my ao3 inbox. I'm bored of scanning and want to actually write things so I'm leaving this at this. yeesh people.

After the Lovin'

I would love to see them messing with the others, especially Thompson messing with them in return and Jarvis being Jarvis.

This story is PERFECT. Seriously. You have the character voices down perfectly, and Peggy is HILARIOUS. There is so much about this story that I love -- Peggy's perfectly voiced snark, the telephone ladies, Jarvis's reaction... fabulous. Will there be more?

all was golden in the sky / all was golden when the day met the night

PERFECTION. The world needs more Thompsinelli smut. SERIOUSLY. I thought I was the queen of Thompsinelli but you're way better tbh. More smut. Please.

art and pop culture and me

This is all sorts of adorable, oh my god. Will there be more? Please yes? Yes please? *puppy dog eyes*

Cherry Cadillac

I usually leave concrit, but I don't even have any. You should write more Faith/Buffy; immediately!

cold coffee

This is really good, I love your characterization of Angie. More, please!!!

Comin' From Wall to Wall

I really enjoyed this! Wished it was longer.

The Crowning Battle

Wow! That was sweet, can you please add another chapter to that one. To show the rest of the team who may not believe raina to see it happening please

The Elephant on the Plane

Excited to see where this goes!

I'd love to read about Skye and Ward's reactions to them finding out she's their future daughter! :)

I can barely wait for when she meets her parents, her father younger than he is on her own time and her mom looks the same, but both have that haunted look on their eyes.

I'd love to read about Skye and Ward's reactions to them finding out she's their future daughter! :)

hold me down in the siren lights

I love this, please continue it soon!

how not to get away with murder

I love this! I love modern setting cartousa fics and this didnt disappoint :) pleaaaase continue with this!

it's a shot in the dark, but we'll make it

This totally needs a sequel loved it.

Live Like This // Live With Ghosts

WHEEE I was so excited to see this! What an awesome crossover. And Maria/Sharon is one of my MCU rare-pair faves. <3
I love the tone of this fic. The backstory and history is so intense. I could read, like, 1,000 words of this! <3

Not A Pirate

Thank you so much for filling this. Thank you for saying you'll continue it. I'm just floored and buzzing with excitement.

nothing in the universe happens just once

woah, that was a rush and nothing even happened! this probably wasn't meant to be a short prologue to a whole asskicking 20k story, but it sure read as one! here's hoping...

Promised Land

Glad to see a new Ziva story from you. Please do write more.

serendipity (n.)

That was awesome! I'd like to see one with the roles reversed... I think that would be cool.

Some Unholy War

Wow. I would love 10000/words of this.

Think Twice (Before You Touch My Girl)

I really like the idea of Jack and Angie together and even more of Angie working for SSR on the side

Really like Angie and jack fanfics! Keep on shipping!

The Unbearable Aftermath of Being

would like to see more

Water Under the Bridge

I love this and kind of need more if you're willing to write it!

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