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everything just keeps happening so much

*insert agenda here*


{1-4:10pm} anth 110 @ 303 mary graydon center


{9:20am} must be out of house
{10am} meeting with alison

{1-2pm} meeting with kathleen

{3:30pm} meeting with claire


{1-4:10pm} anth 110 @ 303 mary graydon center

{6:30-8pm} (possibly) group @ wendt center


{10am} must be out of house

{1-2pm} meeting with kathleen


{idk} hella studying

packing list

-bag, obviously
-my brain, also obviously
-CHARGED laptop
-laptop charger
-CHARGED phone
-phone charge cord
-anthro books
-card purse
-house key lanyard
-at least one pen
-'civil war' novel


-make packing list
-make positive playlist
-set up meds
-evaluate what bag will be most reasonable to take
-tell sarah info abt my new smartrip so that she can register it and put the auto-reload on it t.g.f.s. (thank God for Sarah)

-sketch up study schedule
-get room back to level of cleanness it was a couple of weeks ago and then press on

-lost w/ lunchbox: goucher water bottle, some food, lanyard for & with smartrip card,
-thinking of getting: actual wallet, fabric ots bag, smaller bag to keep school supplies together, reusable snack baggie & sandwich baggie

also saw snack and sandwich bags (but I didn't have those before even though I've been thinking they'd be nice, I'm putting them here for reference mostly abba you don't have to get them)
for the water bottle, I'm thinking of replacing it at least for the time being with one from AU
I haven't looked up the other stuff

past week pros & cons

-I want to sleeeeeeep and the universe and my brain chemistry are conspiring to make that very difficult

-I made it through the week

-my body is achy right now and that's weird and not fun

-CeCe's birthday dinner was fun, although it was kind of hard to stay social even though I wanted to and (renfrew thing) I'd verbally given myself permission to eat freely and feel okay with it. having to go to the bathroom was really uncomfortable. they have a cute bathroom though. it was good seeing CeCe and knowing she's feeling somewhat better, and getting to feel like we really were a family out to dinner rather than things being more awkward.

-I still feel kind of low and tired but not as much as I had last week.

-Before going to AU I freaked out a little since I was anxious about going there and getting help...but I liked it there. I missed the first N2 bus so I got an ice cream and a drink at 7-11 and waited at the bus stop for the twenty or so minutes until the next one.

-when even was Father's Day? well, it doesn't matter because I'm still VERY EXCITED ABOUT YOU KNOW WHAT which is part of why I've been less down because it's very hard to feel down when I remind myself THAT I AM GOING TO A TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT IN HER BIGGEST TOUR AND MOST FABULOUS ERA AND IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING AND I AM GOING TO LOVE THAT DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE

-I've been writing more poetry, my word count has fallen from its usual pace but I'm stretching muscles that have been doing less work recently and it's nice.

-The Mystery workshop was great! A lot of specifics I didn't know.

-The storm scared the dickens out of me. and soaked me.

-I didn't think to wait it out and called you for help and then it started abating soon after.

more to come, probably.

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