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Get to Know Me Post (1-million words)

Business as usual, I typed way too much in a comment box where I was answering questions. SO, it's here. I am leaving some of it in a comment on the 1_million_words post, but this (under the vid + gif) is the full thing that I typed up, verbatim and only slightly edited because I have other things to write and don't feel like stressing myself out about an intro post esp bc almost nowhere on my main blog aka my tumblr do I gaf.

Note: I'm not technically listening to music, I'm playing my Marvel fanvideo playlist on YouTube and this amazeballs video is in the background rn.

*insert fun bones gif because I feel like it*


What is your favorite fandom(s)?
Oh, Lord, I don't know. Um, currently, maybe Agent Carter? There are sooo many.
I'll give honorable mentions to TAYLOR SWIFT, Carmilla, Doctor Who, Agents of SHIELD, Marvel as a whole, NCIS, Orphan Black, Bones, Harry Potter, Supernatural, and ASOIAF...and others. I'm shit at tagging and don't even have a page for it yet but if you want to get an idea you can follow any of the links to my blog around this place.

Who are your favorite characters?
In Agent Carter? Peggy, Daniel, and Angie. And Jarvis. And Rose. And Dottie. And Jack. And I'm gonna stop now.

How did you find out about 1_million_words?
I...don't remember. I feel like it was when I found the landcommaddicts comm and there was a post for it but that may not be true.

What is the significance of your penname (if any)? How did you come up with it?
LJ username (clarahow): Clara Oswald who is my twin and my baby. When Clara was first introduced (and actually I still use it) I tagged her as 'clara who' because we didn't really know who she was or where she was from and there were multiple names for her and i wanted not to confuse myself by trying to tag with one or more of them. But now, we're still twins, but we as a fandom have a better idea of who she is. But how she is who she is? Less so. Also it's just me being existential and shit.

ao3 username (charleybradburies): This was my tumblr url for ages. One of my absolute fave characters from Supernatural is Charlie Bradbury; and when I made a tumblr, because one of my middle names is Charlotte, I started going by Charley online - because I didn't want to give my 'real' name and because I wanted to be clever. I really do like the username though.

tumblr url (agentroxylancelots): Because I'm in love with and rather like the amazing Kingsman Agent Roxy aka Lancelot. That's p much self explanatory.

actual name (E.J.): Gonna tell y'all something I don't tell that many people cause this comm is special and awesome. These are the initials of my first and primary middle names; they stand for Elisabeth Joy, in short because my parents are sentimental dorks. However, virtually no one ever gets my first name right, so I've basically had a two-decade-long identity crisis about it. It's been the cause of low self-esteem (cause if you care about someone, you should care enough to spell their name right, right?) and other unsavory shit. So, as an (almost) adult (I chose it a couple years ago) I decided that I wasn't even gonna bother. Also, I'm nonbinary, and Elisabeth is like really feminine. AND even though the name Joy is feminine too I find it a really important trait and want to emulate that and keep it close to me, so having it in my name reminds me of that.

Do you write, make graphics, or both?
I write. I write like hell. I've made a couple graphic things, though, even though I don't find them particularly good. And for a while in high school I was really into making Harry Potter fanvideos. But mostly, write. All the time, anywhere, etc. I've been more into fanfiction in recent years, but prose, meta analysis, original fiction, and lots of poetry have also flowed from me at various intervals.

What, generally speaking, do you do in your real life?
Write. Like, really. But I'm an elementary education major in progress. Currently (well, in like a week) I'm taking an anthropology class at American University.

What phrase do you use the most? (In real life or in your works.)
There are probably a bunch that I use a lot, but for some reason I feel like informing you guys that I pray a lot. Like, a lot. As in, before every meal and every time I hear a siren kind of thing. I'm also just very openly loving. Anyway, the point is I say "God bless you" or some variation thereof like all the time.

What is your favorite book?
What kind of at the moment, maybe Marvel's Civil War novel.

What would you name your autobiography?
#sorrynotsorry. just like my blog title. because it describes my life quite accurately. or something along those lines.

Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?
Take the picture!

If you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. because reasons.

What's your favorite quote/saying?
My goodness, so many. Hmm. I nominate Taylor Swift as the primary speaker of those quotes BUT since I talked about my name earlier in this post, I'll give you Det. Kate Beckett's amazing: "even on the worst days, there's a possibility for joy."
Which yes, is the scene and quote in the icon I used for this comment.

What is your least favorite word?
Excuse you, I love all words!!! Maybe like, meninist or dub-con, or something along those lines.

What's the strangest talent you have?
Messin' shit up on the daily, probably.

What is your favorite midnight snack?
Nutella toast.

What color is your aura?
PURPLE. Like a nice light purple. Purple like this purple:

This is my tumblr icon, which a lovely friend made for me. I told him the shade, which was the same shade as my blog at the time, but I don't actually remember the hex code anymore.

What is your pet peeve(s)?
Hmm. I have a bunch...a major one is people crossing the street irresponsibly.
(Like, I was raised to wait for eye contact and a confirmation of right of way from a driver and/or the walk signs. And I still do that. There are streets I cross multiple days a week that have really long light cycles and I still stand and wait for the light to come on. And so many people will just rush - or meander - across when the 'don't walk' sign is still up and I just, no. You are an adult. I get that acting like one can be hard, but this is a simple thing that can literally save your life. And when they're guiding kids across? They're teaching those kids not to give a damn about their own safety and the safety of others. So not cool by me.)

What is always guaranteed to put a smile on your face?
Small children, 500%. Unless they're like, really sad. But even then. I wave at / make eyes at / talk to every single small children I see (occupational hazard, lmao) and it makes me a little happier when they notice me and then if they get even a little happier I'm a beam of sunshine again.

*insert another fun bones gif also because I feel like it and additionally because I need to properly end this entry rather than just leaving it at that*


*thanks for reading if you have!*
*God bless + xoxo*

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