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Hey Folks

No one reads this probably but IDC rn.
No updates on LJ or ao3 this (past) calendar day, sorry. Had a really busy day.

Some was good, some was bad.

On one hand, I well and truly hate the DC Metro system. Like...bitches gots to gets places. or some other thing that Piper Chapman would angrily and semi-ironically yelp. I was nearly an hour late for the first coffee date I was having with my (step)aunt. Like, really? No coolio. AND I HAD TO TAKE A CAB. It was actually a nice experience, definitely better than public transport, but it cost more, and it was so frustrating and anxiety-provoking to have to get off the freaking metro train and then wait for a bus and then be like 'nope, gonna force myself to have some actual social interaction with an individual rn' like that's not my thing. I hadn't even had coffee yet, dammit.

The coffee 'date' was nice, though. She got a little aunt-y on me but that's to be expected. Much better than hearing the kind of stuff she was saying from like, my dad.

Speaking of whom, he's away for the weekend. (With my stepmum, obvs.) It's interesting, the three of us young "adults" at home alone. We haven't spent much time in the house together in the like six years our parents have been married so...different. Not bad different. Also Chinese food was ordered tonight and it wasn't terrible. Not that I thought it would be, but yeah.

So...shitton of other things.

But I have something to wake up for, so I'm going to go a) eat a bit of ice cream, b) take my medication, c) set my alarm, and d) go the hell to bed.

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