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drabble cycle round 11 ~ kinks (repost)

Originally posted by olivia_j at drabble cycle round 11 ~ kinks
So, 'kinks' was the clear winner in the poll for the new drabble cycle!

One thing I would like to stress first of all is that I know not everyone is comfortable writing kinky fic. So if you would like to use the prompts as simply straight-up prompts rather than going with their kinky meaning, that is perfectly fine. Just to give you a couple of examples, you could write 'queening' as someone behaving regally or nobly, or you could write 'spanking' about a person getting spanked (as in defeated) in some kind of competition, and so on.

There are no rules about how to interpret the prompts, so please feel free to do whatever works for you.

This cycle we have two table options, one with thirty prompts and one with ten. If you're writing the ten prompt table you can either use the one provided or make your own by using the blank table and selecting ten prompts of your choice from the thirty prompt table.

See this post for definitions/explanations of the prompts.


1. altered states 2. begging 3. blindfolds 4. clothing 5. edging
6. pain 7. queening 8. restrained 9. roleplay 10. voyeurism

1. prompt 2. prompt 3. prompt 4. prompt 5. prompt
6. prompt 7. prompt 8. prompt 9. prompt 10. prompt

1. altered states 2. anonymity 3. authority 4. bathing 5. begging
6. biting/bruising 7. blindfolds 8. breath 9. clothing 10. dirty talk
11. edging 12. exhibitionism 13. food 14. groups 15. humiliation/shame
16. mirrors 17. obedience 18. pain 19. punishment 20. queening
21. restrained 22. roleplay 23. self-love 24. spanking 25. temperature
26. texture 27. toys 28. voyeurism 29. whipped 30. worship


on the drabbles themselves:

- To finish the challenge you will have to write either 10 or 30 drabbles, one for each of the prompts listed.
- The topics may be interpreted as literally or as loosely as you'd like.
- You can post your drabbles in any order and at any time prior to the deadline of July 31, 2015
- Your drabbles must follow general community rules - femslash, no more than 250 words, etc.
- Please tag all your entries in this challenge with the tag "drabble cycle: kinks".
- Comment to this post when you've completed your table and I'll add you to the finished list.
- You are allowed to cross-post your drabbles to other communities and journals (in accordance with their rules, obviously). Just remember to post a link to them to our comm at some point - you can either post as you go or wait and post your whole table when you're done.

on making claims:
- For this challenge each participant should claim a single subject. This can be a pairing, a character, a fandom, etc. Subjects can be claimed by more than one person. If you absolutely can't claim a single subject, you can make a general, non-specific claim.
- You don't need to specify which table you're claiming. If you finish the ten-prompt table and would like to continue on with the rest of the prompts, you can just keep writing without making another claim.
- Original fiction and characters are allowed.
- Crossovers are permitted, whether as a specific claim or as part of any of your drabbles.
- You can make a second (and a third and etc.) claim, but only after you've finished the first one.
- You can continue to make claims right up until the deadline.
- If you didn't finish your claim from an earlier drabble cycle that doesn't preclude you from making a claim in this one.
- This challenge is also on dreamwidth and you can claim at either comm, but please post your drabbles where you made the claim.


lanalucy: Battlestar Galactica, general fandom
insecurewriter: DC Comics, general fandom
pickledminx: Haven, general fandom
shadow_sapphire: The Moth Diaries, general fandom
charmingregal: Once Upon a Time, general fandom
xjadedgrlx: The Originals, general fandom
hamimifk: original fiction, general fandom
ahavah: original work The Akuparan Anomaly, general fandom

penombrelilas: general fandoms

amazon_life: Emma/Regina, (pairing from Once Upon a Time)
4kennedy: Felicity/Sara, (pairing from Arrow)
phoenixfalls: Myka Bering/Helena "H.G." Wells, (pairing from Warehouse 13)
masfawkes: Snow (Mary Margaret)/Emma Swan, (pairing from Once Upon a Time)
serene_ms_s: Susan Ivanova/Talia Winter, (pairing from Babylon 5)

elasticella: Allison/Jennifer/Kali, (from Teen Wolf)

hikarievandar: Bellatrix Lestrange, (character from Harry Potter)
paperclipbitch: Kate Bishop, (character from Marvel comics)
killing_kurare: Lavender Brown, (character from Harry Potter)
agirlnamedtruth: Lucy Westenra, (character from Dracula NBC)
fresh_brainss: Lydia Martin, (character from Teen Wolf)
salmon_pink: Ruby Lucas, (character from Once Upon a Time )
madampresident: Sharon Raydor, (character from The Closer/Major Crimes)


ahavah: Firefly, general fandom

midnightafter: Ruby/Belle, (pairing from Once Upon a Time) table on LJ fic on Ao3

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