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Mini-Thematic Tables (repost)

Originally posted by shinysylver at Mini-Thematic Tables
Would you like to do a short table, but don't want to be restricted to one character? Are you worried that you would never be able to finish a 25 prompt or even ten prompt table, but still want to play? We created some thematic five prompt tables so that everyone could join in the fun and win prizes.

Everyone can claim a table here, even if you have claimed other tables. You can claim one of these tables at a time. Once you complete the table, you will receive a shiny banner and can then choose another table if you want. To claim a table, just respond to this post with a link to the table in your journal or fan-work community and have fun!

Texts From Last Night
Sex on bubble wrap = best decision ever. This is a mass text. Does anyone know where I am? The ticket read "Found nude in a tree" Tickle wars 95% of the time end in sex. he took off my shirt and said 'oh my god the legends are true'

Hurt/Comfort - Injuries
blood loss head trauma hypothermia or heat stroke bullet wounds lacerations / knife wounds

Hurt/Comfort - Illness
exhaustion fever/delirium headache/migraine cold or flu nausea

Angst - Internal
nightmares insomnia isolation scars loss

Angst - External
rejection guilt hatred jealousy betrayal

Snack Time
breakfast in bed coffee dinner date homemade dessert

Cocktail Hour
Sex on the Beach Kamikaze Hurricane Zombie Fuzzy Navel

holding hands facing a fear for someone else backrub pillow talk phone call just to talk

crash (plane, car, bike...) sword fight life-or-death situation shootout makeshift weapons

public indecency drunk and disorderly aiding and abetting a fugitive identity theft stalking

Don't forget that you can take these prompts wherever you want. For example, if the prompt is "sex on the beach," you can literally create something about a character ordering that drink in a bar or write about characters having sex on the beach or any other interpretation you can think of! Creative interpretations are always welcome here!

If you have any questions please visit our Page-a-Mod Page.


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