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10-, 25-, and 50-Prompt Tables (repost)

Originally posted by shinysylver at 10-, 25-, and 50-Prompt Tables
Here are all of our 10-, 25-, and 50-Prompt tables. You are able to claim one of these tables at a time.

Once you have selected which table you want, post it in an unlocked entry on your own individual journal or personal fanwork community. Once you have it posted, leave a comment on this post with a link to the entry in your journal to claim it.

10-Prompt Tables:


We compiled this table for those of you who love hurt/comfort. There should be at least some degree of both hurt and comfort in all of your fills, but the balance is up to you. Remember, creative interpretations are always welcome!

bruises gun shot nightmares minor illness major illness
exhaustion broken bone hypothermia cuts/lacerations/stabbing/etc. concussion


We compiled this table for those of you who love the emotional anguish of angst. If you want to write dark, sad fic without a happy ending then this table is for you, but also feel free to end hopeful or happy as long as the angst is part of the journey. Remember, creative interpretations are always welcome!

nightmares loneliness depression substance abuse/addiction break-up
coping mechanism death arguments/fighting aging disappearance


We have a larger porn table, but we created this kink focused table for those of you who enjoy the challenge of writing kinks. The intent here is to write something of a sexual or at least sensual nature, but feel free to interpret the kinks in a way that works for you! Check out the Kink Wiki if you need help coming up with ideas.

in public bondage sensation play bodily secretions object insertion/fisting
impact play pervertibles breathplay orgasm delay/denial/edging kink of your choice


Have you always wanted Tony to be a school teacher or Steve to work in a bookstore? Do you like playing with the established world and creating new universes? Well, this table is for you! Remember, creative interpretations are always welcome!

everyone is evil zombies historical harlequin romance AU of your choice
band/dance/performers spies powers swapped or no powers different careers apocalypse


We created this table for those of you that love light, feel-good fic. So, if you like all of those heartwarming moments this is for you! Remember, creative interpretations are always welcome!

holidays family moments pets hugs holding hands
kissing perfect day soulmates "I love you" breakfast in bed


We realize that this is a fandom where Loki somebody canonically does most of the things we have put on this crack table, but we still think they are fun tropes to play with. Remember, creative interpretations are always welcome!

mpreg wings genderswap vampires/werewolves turned into an animal
tentacles de-aged musical fairy tale body swap


We made this table for those of you who are more visually oriented. Feel free to take these pictures and let your imagination run wild, and remember, creative interpretations are always welcome!

water hot air balloons
fireworks eye
explosions coffee or tea
clock circuit
candle cactus

25-Prompt Tables:


One of the best things about the Avengers is that there are so many characters to play with. The intention of this table is for you to explore different characters as well as how they work together (or not!) in groups. The team is the focus. We did our best to make the table accessible to those of you familiar with the movies and those of you coming from the comics. Remember, creative interpretations are always welcome!

featuring Fury featuring Steve/Captain America featuring Bruce/the Hulk featuring Natasha/Black Widow featuring Tony/Iron Man
featuring Thor/Don Blake featuring Clint/Hawkeye interpersonal conflicts team meeting mission gone wrong
day off at Avengers Tower old Avengers meet new Avengers your typical Thursday out of uniform first mission
villains team bonding exercise costumes super powers/special abilities training
lack of trust "I've got your back" learning to work together dealing with an injury road trip/vacation


Do you have a favorite ship? Do you multi-ship? Either way, this table is for you. Whether you fill it with all one pairing or use a different pairing for all 25 spots or mix it up some other way, you can explore all the different aspects of relationships. Remember, creative interpretations are always welcome!

not in the mood date night engagement "I love you" getting together
spending the night in holding hands meet the family spending a holiday together fight
moving in jealousy first time kisses missunderstandings
snuggling/cuddling spooning waking up together domestic activities giving gifts
comfort eating together endearments left unsaid touching


Whether you like straight up PWP or plot-heavy meaningful sex, this is the table for you. The intention is to fill each prompt in a sexual or sensual way, but other than that, have fun and write some hot porn. Remember, creative interpretations are always welcome!

dirty talk roleplay first time rough sex established relationship
foreplay manual stimulation oral stimulation penetration angry sex
gentle sex sleepy sex shower sex dressup identity porn
outdoors anywhere but the bedroom7 sex pollen/aphrodisiacs/etc. super powers/special abilities sex toys
food begging vehicle sex after a fight/battle biting/bruising/marking


Just because it's been done doesn't mean it's not worth doing again. There are so many wonderful cliches, and if you love fandom tropes, this is the table for you. Remember, creative interpretations are always welcome!

pretending to be a couple woke up married magical transformation inebriated confessions "It was a dark and stormy night..."
forced bonding coitus interruptus "...and they lived happily ever after." woke up on the wrong side of the bed undercover operation
shopping for curtains "you had me at hello" huddling for warmth amnesia soulmates
kids or babies fulfilling a prophesy/destiny just in the nick of time telepathy mistaken identity
not really dead phobias in the future... time travel relying on the enemy

50-Prompt Table:

Big Damn Table

If you like a challenge, this table is for you. Use your imagination, interpret things as creatively or literally as you want, and most importantly, have fun. If you finish this one, you will have our eternal respect.

stars understanding arguments/fighting conversation darkness
again warm breathing cold hurt
lost rain unexpected sunshine abrupt
pictures letters hard soft reminder
relaxation dreams hospital in the past in the future
kitchen late night on the run early morning taking charge
coats leadership sharing hiding help
risk blood power Avenger/s nightmares
time control fairness trust do-over
regrets transportation empty washing mission

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to use our Page-a-Mod page!


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