the return of clara // new year's whatnot

I'm back (vaguely). things RL are mostly good but they're busy, so I haven't been on LJ or ao3 or even tumblr all that much recently. just that tiny update to introduce my 2018 goal tracking post. (feel free to comment; I'm mostly making this post for myself though, haha)

2018 goals:

-write & post at least 1 piece of writing to ao3 every month

-respond to unanswered comments on ao3

-finish the it's our resistance // you can't resist us series

-finish my got s1-7 historamedy365 claim (before april 25 (?))

-complete my got historamedy365 drabbles fanfic tropes claim

-declutter my apartment (a great feat, tbh)

-pass the classes that I take (inc. math 131+132)

-continue with my newly-begun weight watchers journey 

(inc. attending my meeting every week I'm at home)

-read the bible (inc. youversion's 21-day february challenge)

-get to (and remain at) an even 0$ balance on my credit card

-personally knit or crochet at least 1 christmas present

february goals:

-get 5k+ steps as many days as possible

-get 1k+ steps every day

-knit at least one row a day

-read the bible every day

-femslash february

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asoiaf/game of thrones | janelle monae lyrics prompt table

[community profile] femslashficlets table | requested + confirmed | claims post

it's been a long time, femslash prompt fills, but here I am.  

c. 6/25: 3/15 works

1.Little rough around the edges, but I keep it smooth
2.Pink like the halls of your heart (Daenerys/Sansa - madchrine)
3.Mess me up, yeah, but no one does it better
4.Crown on my head but the world on my shoulder (Brienne/Sansa - madchrine)
5.She'll have you falling harder than a Sunday in September (Daenerys/Sansa - madchrine)
eye on the sparrow (Rated T. 690 words)
6.Heaven is betting on us
7.But I need to know if the world says it's time to go
8.Am I a sinner with my skirt on the ground? (Daenerys/Sansa - madchrine)
9.You better know what you're fighting for (Brienne/Sansa - madchrine)
queen in the crypts (Rated T. 500 words)
10.Tell me are you bold enough to reach for love? (Brienne/Sansa - madchrine)
tell me are you bold enough (to reach for love) (Rated T. 1,000 words)
11.We'll make a million memories - all incredible
12.So dress me up I'll like it better if we both pretend
13.Come, let me kiss you right there wake you up like sunrise (Daenerys/Sansa - madchrine)
14.Dance in the trees paint mysteries
15.These eyes long to make you a perfect work of art

ships to do (at least once):



I'm back (vaguely). things RL are mostly good but they're busy. (feel free to comment; I'm mostly making these posts for myself though.) this tags off my earlier goals post.

march goals:

-have an average of 5k+ steps daily for the month

-get 7k+ steps 25 out of 31 days (habitica 7k challenge)

-attend all my class sessions, therapy sessions, & ww meetings

-read the bible every day (current streak of 50 days!)

-have only 7 or fewer yellow days on ww app

-make at least 15 more icons for historamedy365 claim

-write and post at least two chapters of writing to ao3

-use habit tracking apps

-use lucktastic app every day

-use walkr every day


money problems = commissions open on tumblr

hey, lj. I know I've been sparse, mostly for school and family emergencies (approximately 500 of them), but I wanted to make this announcement here, too:

I'm officially asking for money, either by donation or as payment for writing commissions. I have a much more specific post on my main tumblr here. this is my commissions tumblr. I'll write any ship in my armada list (tagged on the side). I tried to make the prices low so it'd be more likely to attract people.

more info about commissions here. paypal here.

Game of Thrones: Femslash Drabbles 2018

for @femslash100

1. Mutual pining 2. Sharing a bed 3. Enemies to lovers 4. Friends to lovers 5. Fake dating
6. Amnesia 7. Kidfic 8. Meeting the family/parents 9. Reunions 10. Road trip
11. Role reversal 12. Soul bonding/soul mates 13. Time travel 14. First times 15. Truth or Dare
16. Darkfic 17. Alternate Universe 18. Sex Pollen 19. Miscommunication 20. Proposal
21. Domestic (curtainfic) 22. Futurefic 23. Bodyswap 24. Crossover 25. Hurt/comfort
26. Wingfic 27. Marriage of convenience 28. Cross-dressing 29. Fantasies/dreams 30. Huddling for warmth

[warning for depression, anxiety, alcohol, disassociation]

tfw you can't sleep and end up actually being awake at Normal Adult Human Waking Hours on the day you're p much supposed to have an exam...but you're not actually sitting that final because you can't save that failing grade and this semester got you too exhausted and way too emotionally done with maths to try to get a legitimately decent mark so it's really just a lot of sadness and disassociation and trying to not feel like a total failure

also now you've got one beer left which you can't drink until tonight because sure you're a sad college student but this recent depressive episode got you inching closer to addiction and you already know what that feels like so you need to fucking stop

and you have to decide whether to go to breakfast - you can wait and go to ihop or go to the nice place across the street that you haven't been to since your girlfriend moved, what, a couple weeks ago, but that's only open until two thirty so sleeping would be out of the question - or to sleep

idk if it's a better idea to focus on one of my online classes today instead of the final or to literally just go to bed. either way I'm gonna be doing something other than that fuckin final but I don't know which is marginally healthier or which I want more. I'll be tired and sad all day anyway?? who am I?? what do I want?? how long have I been awake?

I don't feel like texting this all to my dad or my gf so here I am lj

I wrote a fic in the middle of the night tho, should I just do this, just write fic til I actually feel human again?

[also tho may is always bad because of mother's day so anyone who wants to mom me feel free I'm sure I'll need it]

edit: have gone and gotten breakfast. coffee in my system but still getting increasingly tired. will need to go to the market later but am going to go lie in bed and play gummy drop until I start falling asleep. should be pretty quick but...wish me luck.

historamedy365 2017-18: game of thrones

for historamedy365
claim dates: 4/24/17 - 4/25/18 (ext needed?)
current total: 032/100

half and half | no eyes | walking | holding something

happy | sad | smile | lights

minimalistic | monochromatic | hand gesture

sun | sport | tied up

favorite moment | having fun | my favorite pairing

far away | outside | modern

face | faith | food

green | red | blue

reading | party | busy

negative space | full body

last | lost



Hi, I don't really know people over here or anything, or how this works - I know it's similar to LJ but I've been off LJ a while too and DW seems quite unfamiliar. How do we move stuff over here from LJ? Is there a way to get things we posted in communities? I don't know much about how either of these networks work but I'd like to save my work at least.
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mcu au fest

*ahem* edited 4.27, 5:18pm

okay so I've gotten my assignment so I'm gonna figure whoever is assigned to me has as well and I'm gonna actually do this post woohoo here goes

General/All ships:

1. my ao3 @ charleybradburies would probably be useful - shows what I've written and bookmarked so could give an idea of what I like.

2. the things that I absolutely do not want are basically all on the porny side: fully non-con 'relations', and either defecation or urination. any violence inflicted (esp. on protags), inc. rape fantasy, should be done carefully, please.

3. there are so many places any of these things could be taken and I will love you for just about anything tbh

4. as you may predict from the requests, I would be quite intrigued to see what might come of any of these characters or ships being in the GoT-verse in some form or fashion. I'm flexible. (hey, Red Woman Wanda anyone? yes or yes?)

Ship/AU Specific:

-I fully believe they're endgame and don't like the idea of bringing Steve back just to complicate their relationship, and I think Steve would be fine with it anyway.
-Daniel/Jack/Peggy of most sorts or combos is not my jam, although I am slowly being dragged into at least the JackDaniels trash can as well.
-(feel free, maybe, to combine this and Peggy/Dottie...I personally love imagining Daniel gladly watching from the adjacent room whenever Peggy's got some heated shit going down in interrogation)

Jessica Jones/Patricia Walker:
D/s-verse (I think domination play would be interesting for them, especially in a way where they use it for Jess's healing from her experience with Kilgrave.)
Reality Show (even just Trish commenting on her show about her time with Jessica could be fun)
Different Character Given Supersoldier Serum (exploration of what the fresh hell was going on with that experiment Simpson was in, and Trish being a complete badass)

Peggy Carter/Dottie Underwood:
-the competition. the thirst. the skill. the bisexuality. there's. so. much. here. just run. literally just run with whatever if you have something.

Wanda Maximoff/Natasha Romanov:
-Love thinking about trauma recovery for them. I think they could be very strong supports for each other.
-Game of Thrones fusion (Scarlet Witch/Red Woman; Natasha's 'the truth is not all things to all people and neither am I' as Arya's 'no one'...there is magic and spying so there's a lot even canonically that could fit)